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Semi Automatic Packing Machine

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Semi Automatic Packaging Machines

Semi Automatic Packaging Machines

Auto filling system---Auto weighting balance---Auto belt conveyor---Auto sewing machine---Electric control cabinet

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semi automatic packaging machines

1.Main Structures of semi automatic packaging machines

Auto filling system

Auto weighting balance

Auto belt conveyor

Auto sewing machine

Electric control cabinet 

2.product parameter of semi automatic packaging machines

Packing accuracy:50 kg/bag±0.2kg

(composition error tends to zero)

Packing speed: 500bags/hour

Environmental temperature:0℃to40℃

Power: 3 kilowatts

Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%

3. Preparation before Starting

Before starting, shall ensure the following items:  

a.The lubrication of each moving parts shall be in good condition;

b.The conveyor is free of foreign material;   

c.There is no person or other things in the exclusion area of the machine;

d.The incoming electrical power of the control cabinet is normal, and all of the control switches and indicators are flexible and effective.

4.certification of semi automatic packaging machines

ISO9001 & CE approved

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