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Big Bag Bagger

Big Bag Bagger

Apply to weigh superfine powder, mineral, chemical, food, feed industry, the material sack packaging machine for a wide range of applications, high precision, good performance, high quality.

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Big Bag Bagger

1.Basic composition of the Big bag bagger

The big bag bagger consists of eight parts:Electric shut-off valve, soft connection, material hopper, bag mouth lifting device, bag holder, weighing conveyor, recheck conveyor, forklift station conveyor.

The instruction of weighing conveyor:

Weighing conveyor is connected by the conveyor plate and 4 weighing sensors, used for quantitative weighing for quantitative packaging. Chain conveyor is in the 48A chain fixed 60mmX40mmX4mmX1500mm square tube, driven by the reducer motor transport tons bag, fixed in the chain conveyor 4 column used to support the fixed bag holder and the hook.

2. Features of the Big bag bagger

It meets the production requirements of large format packaging

Packaging speed and weighing range can be adjusted

Machines can be made based on the production environment of the material

3. Patent product of theBig bag bagger

Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%

Packing accuracy: 1000 kg/bag±1kg

Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%

Pressure of air source: 0.5 to 0.6MPa

Power: 5 kilowatts

Environmental temperature: 0℃ to 40℃


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