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Automatic Packing Scale

Automatic Packing Scale

Automatic packing scale adopts advanced microcomputer control processing technology,which increases speed and accuracy, this machine is made of laying-off control devices, fixed bags and weighing control system. The part contacting with material adopts 304 stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance.

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Automatic packing scale

1. Product description of the Automatic packing scale:

Automatic packing scale adopts advanced microcomputer control processing technology,which increases speed and accuracy, this machine is made of laying-off  control devices, fixed bags and weighing control system. 

The part contacting with material adopts 304 stainless steel to improve corrosion 


2. Product  parameter of the Automatic packing scale:

Power: 3 kilowatts

Packing accuracy: 50 kg/bag±0.2kg(composition error tends to zero)

Environmental temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

Packing speed: 9 bags/minute

Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%


3. Features of the Automatic packing scale:

Fast packing speed; perfect system design makes the packing speed of single scale as fast as that of existing double scales.

Simple operation and lower labor intensity


4. Suitable for packaging materials:

Compound fertilizer,Urea,potash fertilizer

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