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Our Automatic Packing Machine Has Been Recognized In The European Market
Nov 08, 2017

We  introduced our automatic packing machine to European customers at the exhibition – 2017 exhibition.


Our company attended the chemical exhibition in Moscow on Oct 23 th . At the exhibition, we introduced the fully-automatic packaging machine, semi-automatic packaging machine, robot palletizer , automatic loading equipment and other products to customers from  European countries. And  they are very interested in our products, because our products have obvious advantages:

  1.  Fully automatic packing line

This fully automatic packing line is applicable for packing granules and powder in chemistry industries such as fertilizer, titanium dioxide, soda ash, starch, urea, potash and so on. Adapt to packing of highly difficult materials, such as highly corrosive materials, highly hygroscopic materials and materials of more dust. High success rate of bagging. No special requirements on bags. Be capable of automatically bagging without being coated. High success rate of bagging. This fully automatic packing line contains an invention patent and ISO90001 approved.

 2. Semi-automatic packaging machine

This machine is designed for fast speed the corrosive materials quantitative packing function field. It uses a leading technical system, which can absorb materials floating dust and maintain operation house clean. It suitable for all kinds of powder products. such as Calcium chloride, Barium chloride, Ammonium chloride, etc. It’s simple and practical, the amount of maintenance is 1/5 to 1/10 of that of similar or imitated imported products with few maintenance costs.  Fast packing speed; perfect system design makes the packing speed of single scale as fast as that of existing double scales. And this machine ISO90001 and CE approved.

In this exhibition, we have contacted whit URALCHEM. The company is the Russian leader in the production of
ammonium nitrate, and also ranks second in Russia in terms of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer production. Their
manager expressed interest in our packing machine, and wanted to visit our factory.
Our company has created multiple patented technologies, totally owned independent intelligent property rights and 
been highly praised by users with strong technical strength. We will make unremitting endeavor and provide the best
products and most perfect after-sales services for clients, so as to ensure regular production for users and to provide a
strong guarantee for saving investors’ costs and improving corporate image.

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