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Nov 20, 2017

Mr. Yan, our sales director and Mr. Min, our technical director, were invited by Henan Jinshan Group to participate in the technical discussions about the transformation and expansion of Jin Dadi Chemical Plant's production line in november 2017.

This discussion mainly aims at the transformation of semi automatic packaging equipment and the new construction of fully automatic packaging linefor Jin Dadi Chemical Plant.Our company signed a new cooperation relationship with Jinshan Group again,because of high-quality and trustworthy products and long-term and pleasant cooperation .


Currently, Jinshan Group has three production companies: Henan Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd., Henan Golden Earth Chemical Co., Ltd., Henan Jintian Chemical Co., Ltd.. Now the company has production capacity: 1.7 million tons of industrial soda ash, 1.85 million tons of agricultural ammonium chloride, 95,000 tons of melamine and 1.7 million tons of industrial salt.

There are 4 mainly features of our fully automatic packaging line,simple equipment structure, fast packing speed, long service life and low maintenance rate. It is especially suitable for packaging chemical products, especially ultrafine powder and highly corrosive chemical raw materials.


Product parameter of the fully automatic packing line:

Packing accuracy:25~50kg/bag±0.1kg 

Packing speed: 1200bags/hour

Success rate of bagging: 99%

Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%

Power: 10 kilowatts

Pressure of air source: 0.5 to 0.6MPa

Flow rate of air source: 20 cubic meters/hour

Environmental temperature:0℃to40℃ 

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