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What are the advantages of our packing machine? (3)
Feb 01, 2018

What are the advantages of our packing machine? (3)

1. Low failure rate

ZDB bag type automatic packing machine adopts the simple structure of one machine and one scale, getting rid of intermediate link of hopper, therefore, the failure rate is lower. In addition to general maintenance, in the case of reasonable configuration of the equipment, no specially-assigned person is required to be on duty day and night for the whole system and the daily maintenance workload is less too. 


2.  Less dust

   Structure of ZDB automatic packing machine is compact and the material head is only about 1 meter during packing (approximately equal to the length of packing bag); therefore, the gravitational acceleration of materials is smaller during discharging and less dust is produced. If such equipment is used for packing materials easily producing dust (such as light dust), it can significantly reduce the load of dust removal system.

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