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What are the advantages of our packing machine? (2)
Jan 25, 2018

What are the advantages of our packing machine? (2)

1.Fast weighing speed of single scale

ZDB automatic packing machine is the structure mode of one machine and one scale, which adopts advanced weighing control system and scientific material flowing process control, and makes use of many functional measures, such as high-speed sampling, preset of time location, optimization of flow area and volume size of material bag opening, etc., so as to make the weighing speed fast.


2. Solve the problem of material sticking

The weighing part of ZDB automatic packing machine adopts the feeding mode of vibrating by hopper wall and crushing by rolling harrow. Vibrating by hopper wall can avoid materials from producing sticking phenomenon. And high-speed rotating rolling harrow has certain crushing action on corrosive, sticking & hygroscopic, caking and poorly flowing materials. Therefore, it can better solve the problems of material    caking, sticking and being difficult to feeding.

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