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Single charging door weighing hopper
Dec 28, 2017

Single charging door weighing hopper

All weighing hoppers in automatic packing adopt double charging doors. Because two sets of mechanisms are required to drive the double charging doors, sealing elements are required between them, which are easy to leak materials due to ageing and wear. Meanwhile, when packing and discharging materials, material feeding is not continuous, easily resulting in raised dust and polluting environment. 


In order to solve problems existing in current technology, our company has developed a kind of single charging door weighing hopper applicable to full-automatic packing, realizing accurate closing and opening of charging door and stable working performance when automatic weighing and packing. Material feeding is continuous during packing and discharging. Meanwhile, sealing element is not required for single charging door; therefore, no material leaks and working environment can be purified. It has advantages of simple structure, low costs and convenient installation and usage. 

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