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Servo bag carrying, folding and sewing mechanism
Dec 07, 2017

Servo bag carrying, folding and sewing mechanism


In full-automatic packing of powdered materials, because there is gas in them, material bags themselves cannot keep standing and bags filled with materials often cannot keep standing and easily fall down when folding and sewing, which is not good for the next working procedure. At present, in order to solve such problem, standing for a long time through multiple stations, or conducting folding and sewing working procedure after exhausting through vibrating is adopted in automatic packing, but such method has many disadvantages, such as low working efficiency, complex structure, huge equipment, high product costs, etc.

The servo bag carrying, folding and sewing mechanism developed by our company can always keep material bags standing during packing, having advantages of accurate displacement, simple structure, long failure-free operation time, convenient installation and usage and not requiring shock mitigation mechanism, and solving the problem of easily falling down when powdered materials contain lots of gas in previous automatic packing. Meanwhile, in the process of packing granular materials, the using effect is more superior than that of powdered materials and similar products because material bags do not fall down; bag carrying stroke is short and servo bag carrying action is rapid and soft. 

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