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Pushing out mechanism for loading
Jan 10, 2018

Pushing out mechanism for loading

For domestic materials in bags, when being delivered and loaded after automatic stacking, material bags must be carried onto the vehicle one  by one by labors because trays cannot be loaded or delivered. Thus, the labor intensity is great; loading time is long; labor charges are high; enterprise burden is heavy and it is difficult to manage personnel. 

Pushing out mechanism for loading.jpg

In order to solve problems existing in current technology, we have developed a kind of forklift pushing out mechanism and added it onto the universal forklifts in the market. The forklift forks into from special tray forking hole, lifts up a stack of material bags on the tray as a whole, leave the tray in place and then steadily pushes them out onto buses or trains once, realizing mechanized loading. 

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