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Folding mechanism for disposable material bags
Dec 13, 2017

                 Folding mechanism for disposable material bags


                                                      Patent number: 201520703977.X

This utility model involves the folding mechanism for disposable material bags. At present, the material bag folding mechanism in automatic feeding and packing equipment realizes folding effect through making the bag opening pass the arc curved plate when material bags are moving ahead, having problems of high production costs and not meeting demands of folding of material bags of various textures.


The purpose of this the open mouth bagging machine is to develop a kind of folding mechanism for disposable material bags and realize the purposes of simple and practical structure, reduction of production costs, and improvement of production efficiency and expansion of folding scopes. It effectively solves two currently existing problems and realizes technical purpose, which is applicable to automatic packing and folding of woven bags of various textures, paper bags and compound bags.

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