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Basic Parameters of Automatic Packaging Line
May 30, 2018

Basic Parameters of Automatic Packaging Line

*Production capacity: for a single set of quantitative packaging machine, 10 to 15 bags/min., i.e. 600 bags/hour to 900 bags/hour

*Weight per bag: 25kg/bags

*Weighing accuracy: 25kg/bag ± 0.1Kg/bag

*Palletizing capacity: 1200-1400 bags/h

*Pellet material: steel structure with corrosion resistant material

*Pellet dimension: 2100X1500X240mm

*Device material: SUS304 stainless steel on the part in contact with materials; some parts using titanium alloy. The remaining parts are made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

*Compressed air: 0.5-0.6MPa    20 m3/h

*Total power of three-phase-five-wire system power supply: 30-40 KW

*Protection degree of motor: IP55, with insulation grade F

*Color of device: the protective cover and safety fence etc. apply the international safety color GSB G51001-94-Y06