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bagging machine consists of scale body, feeder, weighing bucket, falling hopper, electromagnetic bag folder, sensor, weighing control instrument and electronic control system. In addition to manual bagging, other processes are automatically controlled.
  • Ton Bag Packing Machine

    Ton Bag Packing Machine

    The Big Bag Packing system is specifically designed to handle the big packing of kinds of powder. Except manually applying the bag, all processes are performed automatically. Regulating the feed speed in three stages by converter, it can effectively pack the material of 40...Read More
  • Big Bag Packing Machine

    Big Bag Packing Machine

    It is created for the packaging of dry granular, flaked or powdered materials in bags, that weighing ranges from 100kg to 1000kg. Moreover, it is designed to complete the the whole filling process with the operator remaining in one position.Read More
  • Urea Bagging Machine

    Urea Bagging Machine

    this urea bagging machine adapt to packing of highly difficult materials, such as highly corrosive materials, highly hygroscopic materials and materials of more dust. It adopts the feeding mode of vibrating by hopper wall and crushing by rolling harrow.Therefore, it can...Read More
  • Semi Automatic Bagging Machine

    Semi Automatic Bagging Machine

    the semi automatic bagging machine is divided into manual bucket style scale and manual bag type scale bagging machine, it can meet the needs of a variety of materials and weighing methods, mainly used for basic chemical product packaging.Read More
  • Powder Bagging Machine

    Powder Bagging Machine

    Adapt to packing of highly difficult materials, such as highly corrosive materials, highly hygroscopic materials and materials of more dust. low power dissipation, it is a kind of energy-saving product less dust in packing process, it is a kind of environmental-protection...Read More
  • Open Mouth Bagging Machine

    Open Mouth Bagging Machine

    Highly versatile, reliable and precise, the open mouth bagging machine can adapt to applications that require multiple bag materials, bag sizes and bag closing devices. including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc.Read More
  • Open Mouth Automatic Bagging Machine

    Open Mouth Automatic Bagging Machine

    The open mouth bagging machine is one of the hot products in our company, the packing weight can be customized depending on clients product characteristics. The open mouth bagging machines are extremely versatile, which applicable to bag several kinds of powders and granular...Read More
  • Industrial Bagging Machine

    Industrial Bagging Machine

    Automatic bag feeding——automatic bag filling——automatic quantitative packing ----automatic heat sealing——automatic folding and sewing——bag dumping and conveying ——weight review——rejection——climbing conveyingRead More
  • Hopper Bagging Machine

    Hopper Bagging Machine

    hopper bagging machine is effectively applicable to automatically weighing and packing machinery in chemical engineering, petrochemical and other industries with accurate closing and opening of charging door and stable working performance. No material leaks from single...Read More
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